Why Back to the Future is the Best Comedy Trilogy

Back to the future is the story of a highschool student, Marty McFly, who has built a friendship with a scientist/inventor named Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, who has turned a DeLorean into a time machine. During the test driving period, the pair are ambushed by Libian nationalists forcing Marty to travel back in time to 1955, causing a mess of trouble as the story unfolds. With over-the-top references to decades of pop culture, a hilariously funny script and a story line that encourages much debate amongst time travel nuts, there is something for everyone. Here’s why I love the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Spolier Alert


  1. The opening scene in Doc’s apartment creates a smorgasbord of possibilities with all the inventions and paraphernalia that he keeps around, including a sound system that would make Metallica cry.



Doc’s inventions, although mind blowing, seem to be almost accidental as seen in many instances where he explains the origins of his inventions. e.g. the idea for the Flux Capacitor came to him when he knocked his head on his toilet bowl.

BTTF Flux Capacitor

They turned a DeLorean into a time machine. What more can you say about that. . .

BTTF Delorean

The man who defines the phrase “cult actor” got his career jump started as Marty’s dad, Crispin Glover.

BTTF Crispin Glover


Together the trilogy forms a full story line of time travel through the ages, but alone each movie has it’s own comedy genre.

1 – Classic romance

2 – Futuristic/sci-fi

3- Old Western




Tony Hawk was credited as stunt co-ordinator for the skateboarding scenes.

Tony Hawk


An array of cameos throughout the trilogy

Elijah Wood

That's Like a Baby's Toy

That’s Like a Baby’s Toy

Jason Hervey

What's a rerun?

What’s a rerun?

Flea (bassist from Red Hot Chilli Peppers)


Huey Lewis

I'm afraid your just too darn loud

I’m afraid your just too darn loud

ZZ Top

ZZ Top

Stephen Spielberg jokingly stated that the hover board was set to enter mass production a week after the movie release, causing the public to rush to toy stores as a result of the hoax, only to be turned away by angered store owners.


With great one liners and pop culture references Back to The Future is not to be missed. If you havn’t seen it you should. . .  It’s great fun for young and old.

See you at the movies!





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