The Curse of The Exorcist

Most movie lovers have heard about the curse of The Exorcist, many say that it is extremely bad luck to have any involvement with the film, even people who watch the movie have had tragic mishaps or deaths. Plenty of unexplained events took place on set during and after production and many feel that it can only be explained by the supernatural. Whether these events are divine intervention, spooky coincidences or a marketing ploy that took advantage of a string of unfortunate events is up to each individual to decide.

For those who don’t know The Exorcist was based on a true story of a 14 year old boy who tried to communicate with his deceased aunt using a Ouija board, and instead brought forth the spirit of Lucifer who inhabited his body; causing severe fits of violence and aggression.

The Exorcist

Here are a few of many reasons why so many people are afraid of the film’s supposed curse;

The set for the house in which the Exorcist was filmed burnt to the ground during filming, the only room that remained unaffected by the tragedy was Regan’s bedroom where most of the possession scenes took place.

The only part of the set to be untouched by a fire during production.

The only part of the set to be untouched by a fire during production.

Ellen Burnsteyn suffered a permanent back injury as a result of the scene in which Regan throws her character, Chris MacNeil, around her bedroom.

Both of the characters who die in the film’s actors passed away during the film’s post production editing, with an additional 7 members of the cast and crew passing away before the film’s release from both natural and unnatural causes.

An audience member at the premier wanted to leave as she was frightened by the film’s imagery, on her way out she tripped on the steps and broke her jaw.

Billy Graham, an evangelist who worked on the set, believed that a demon lived within the celluloid reels of the film. Many speculate that as a result of the film Billy Graham converted to Satanism and that he became an active member of the Illuminati (an alleged group of world leaders who are involved with less than savory activities and cover ups).

Billy Graham preaching at a Christian Youth Ralleigh in 1973, the year that he was a consultant on The Exorcist.

Billy Graham preaching at a Christian Youth Raleigh in 1973, the year that The Exorcist was released.

The film was blamed for a large number of suicides in the mid-1970’s due to the fact that they could not stomach what they had seen in the movie.

There are many films, especially films depicting possession and demonic involvement, that have been labelled as cursed, but none as severely as The Exorcist. The members of the public who were affected by this alleged curse occurred as a direct result of the graphic nature of the film, however it was released over fourty years ago so, luckily, it is doubtful that modern viewers would have to go so far as to commit suicide to escape the visuals. That being said, it cannot be denied that the history of this film is eerie at best.


It is important to note that no one has actually been injured as a result of watching The Exorcist since the 1970’s, so don’t worry too much if you haven’t seen the movie, it seems that audiences are safe. . . for now.


What do you think?

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